Fees and Charges 2019

Fees and Charges By-Law 2019-15

Please see By-Law 2019-15 for what charges and fees are applicable going forward in 2019. You can find more information by visiting the individual department pages. If you have further questions, please contact the Municipal Office at 519-785-0560.

Some of the new Fees & Charges will be listed below.

Animal Control

The fees for dog tags have been changed.

Dog Licence (Altered Dog) - $35 (tax exempt)

Dog Licence (Unaltered Dog) - $50 (tax exempt)

Administrative Requests

There are now fees applicable to certain requests.

Reprint of Tax Bill - $10 (tax exempt)

Reprint of Water Bill - $10 (tax exempt)

Tax Certificates - $50 (tax exempt)

Zoning Certificates -  $50 (tax exempt)

Work Order Inquires - $50 (tax exempt)

Marriage License

There has been a slight increase in the cost of Marriage Licenses. Click here to read more about Marriage Ceremonies. Click here to read more about Marriage Licenses.

Marriage License - $110 (tax exempt)


Tile Drain loan applications now cost $150 (tax exempt)

Drain Maintenance now has a minimum charge of $20 (tax exempt)


Replacement Blue Boxes now cost $8.00 + HST.


To rent the Miller Park Pavilion, it now costs $25.00 + HST per day.