Lusty Family Woods BioBlitz

Lusty Family Woods BioBlitz
Hosted by Thames Talbot Land Trust


What is it?

A BioBlitz is an event that brings together species experts as well as those with a general interest in nature to inventory all species of plants and animals in a given area.

Where is it?

At the Lusty Family Woods, near West Lorne, Elgin County (closest address: 23736 Queen's Line).

The 53 acre Lusty Family Woods property is part of a large (600 acre) forest and wetland complex known as the West Lorne Woods. This area has very high biodiversity because of the extensive habitat that provides homes to many rare species dependent on large tracts of forest.

When is it?

May 18th, 2015. Events run all day – birds in the morning, plants in the afternoon, amphibians in the evening. Lunch and dinner are provided for participants (please register).

Who should come?

Local nature enthusiasts, local community members, species experts, families. The event is free to all participants.

What should I bring?

The property has extensive “swamps” – so rubber boots are a must. If you have waders you can explore the wetter areas even more!

More details, schedule and registration can be found here: