Media Release: West Elgin Fire Chief Announces Retirement

The Municipality of West Elgin’s Fire Chief Jeff Slater is retiring after thirty (30) years of exceptional public service. His last day as West Elgin’s Fire Chief will be April 23, 2019. 

Mr. Slater will continue serving the Community in his role as Recreation Superintendent for the Municipality of West Elgin. Chief Slater is a seasoned veteran of the West Elgin Fire Department, joining the Rodney Fire Department in 1989 rising to the position of Captain, then Rodney Fire Chief. Chief Slater was promoted to the role of West Elgin Fire Chief in 2016 demonstrating longstanding and unwavering commitment to our community.

We thank him for his years of great service to the community, and he rightfully should take pride in his own and his department’s accomplishments over the years.

The Municipality of West Elgin will undertake a recruitment process for the hiring of a new Fire Chief in the near future.

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