Animal Control

The municipality contracts with the Glencoe Animal Shelter for animal control, call:
(519) 287-2974 or 1-800-830-9367.


During the first part of each year, Glencoe Animal Shelter staff will visit each home to sell dog tags.
If no one is available, a notice will be left at the residence and you are advised to purchase the dog tag(s) at the municipal office. It is your responsibility to obtain a tag for your pet.

2017 Fees

  • $30.00 .. For Each neutered male dog
  • $30.00 .. For Each spayed female dog
  • $35.00 .. For Each male and female dog not spayed or neutered
  • $40.00 .. 2nd male or female
  • $50.00 .. 3rd male or female
  • $100 .. Kennel licence (issued by municipal office only)


Having trouble with stray cats?  Traps are available at the Municipal Office.  Catch the cat and take to the Glencoe Animal Shelter.

​Responsible Cat Ownership

Responsible cat ownership is an important part of maintaining a happy, healthy cat and avoiding cat-related disputes with your neighbours.  Please click on heading for more tips on responsible cat ownership.


Outside risks to unsupervisied cats


Vicki Kyle 
Glencoe Animal Shelter
3427 Concession Dr.
519-287-2974 or 1-800-830-9367