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​The Municipality of West Elgin is committed to providing excellent service to the public and to continuous imporovement of operations in an environment where all complaints are dealt with fairly in a respectful, transparent manner, as quickly as possible.

​What is a complaint? 
​A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction related to a municipal program, facility, service or staff member, where a citizen believes that the Municipality has not provided a service experience to the customer's satisfaction at the point of service delivery and a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitiy expected.

Complaint Policy
Complaint Form

​Complaints will be addressed in a confidential manner according to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  Information collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Act, and for the purposes of responding to a complaint and improving services where possible, as per the Municipal Complaint Policy.

​A complaint is distinct from:

  • ​Request for Service - Click here for a Request for Service Form
    ​A request made to the Municipality by a citizen, o on behalf of a citizen, for a specific service, or to notify the Municipality that a schedule service was not provided on time.  Examples Include: 
    ​           ​​Requesting that the Municipality repair a street surface
               Reporting a street light that is not working
               Notifiying the Municipality of a missed garbage collection
  • By-Law Infraction - Click here for a By-Law Infraction Report Form  
    ​Examples of a By-Law infraction include:
    ​          Property Standards issues such as long grass, debris or derelict vehicles on a property;
    ​          Animal Control issues such as a dog running at large, continuous barking, operating a kennel without a kennel licence
  • Enquiry
    ​A general or specific request for information regarding a municipal product or service made by a citizen that is resolved at a point of service delivery.
  • ​Compliment - Please submit by email to: westelgin@westelgin.net
    ​An expression of approval for a Municipal service, staff member, program or process
  • ​Suggestion - Please submit by email to: westelgin@westelgin.net
    ​An idea submitted to the Municipality by a citizen with the aim of improving services, programs or processes
  • ​How are we doing? Click here for a Customer Service Satisfaction Survey or here for Accessible Customer Service Feedback Form

​Please email all forms to westelgin@westelgin.net

Ombudsman's Tips

Click here to review the Ombudsman's Tips for how complaints should be handled by the Municipality.

Click here to visit the homepage of the Ontario Ombudsman.