Marriage Licences

How to get a Marriage Licence

Marriage Licence Application Form

  • Application for marriage licence may be picked up at the Municipality of West Elgin office - Monday to Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm, or use print off a copy from the link/button above.
  • The application must be completed and signed by both parties prior to your appointment.
  • An appointment must be scheduled two days in advance with the Municipal office to obtain licence.
  • The cost of the licence is $110.00 payable in cash or debit (NO CHEQUES WILL BE ACCEPTED).
  • The following Photo ID will be accepted as proof of Identity: Valid passport, Valid Permanent Residency Card (with photo), Canadian Government Refugee Travel Document (with Photo) or Birth Cirtificate, Canadian Citizenship Card along with one of the following:  Valid Drivers Licence, Valid Ontario Photo Card, United States Green Card (with Photo), Age of Majority or BYID (with photo)
  • If either party is divorced an original CERTIFICATE OF DIVORCE  (NOT A DIVORCE JUDGEMENT) is required or a certified copy.  If the marriage was dissolved outside of Canada - special approval from the Registrar General is needed.
  • If either party is unable to be present at the appointed time the attending party must bring the original identification necessary for both parties.
  • If applicant is 16 or 17 years of age, a signed parental consent form must be returned with the application. Parental consent or Form 6 is available at the Municipal office.  

Getting Married in Ontario

Before you get married you need to check that the person performing your marriage ceremony is an authorized official.  It is important to ensure that your marriage is performed properly and legally.

Who can perform a legal marriage in Ontario?

  • A relgious marriage ceremony may be performed by a person who is registered under the Marriage Act to perform religious marriages in Ontario (religious official)
  • A Civil marriage ceremony may be performed by a judge, a justice of the peace, or a municipal clerk and or their delegate.

Check online at Service Onatrio Website to access lists of officials who are registered to perform marriages.  Call Service Ontario at 1-800-461-2156

Ordering a Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate is a record of marriage.  It lists the date and place of the marriage and the names of the people who were married.  A record of solemnization of marriage (what you recieve after the ceremony) is not the same as a marriage certificate.  Marriage Certificates can be ordered online (only) from Service Ontario

Name Change after Marriage

​There are legally 3 ways to change your last name:

  1. ​Assume your spouse's last name due to marriage
  2. Elect to Legally change your last name (while married or in a conjugal relationship)
  3. Elect to go back to your previous last name (marriage dissolved or conjugal relationship ended)

​Assuming a last name due to marriage does not change your name on your Ontario Birth Registration.  However you can assume your spouse's last name on government documents such as Health Card; driver's licence; Ontario photo card; enchanced driver's licence.   There is no cost to assume a name on these documents.  To  change your last name on these documents after having assumed your spouse's last name you need to visit Service Ontario with a Marriage Certificate (must be ordered 6-10 weeks after wedding online from Service Ontario