Bylaw Enforcement

You can contact our Bylaw Enforcement Officer, Bill Tedford by email at


Noise and Parking Bylaws

The Elgin O.P.P. enforces noise and parking by-laws in the Municipality of West Elgin.
For questions 519-631-2920 (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday)

Stray Dogs

For complaints about dogs running at large or a dangerous or potentially dangerous dog contact the Glencoe Animal Shelter at 1-800-830-9367.

Property Standards or Clearing & Cleaning of Land bylaws

For complaints about Property Standards or Clearing & Cleaning of Land by-laws you are required to complete a complaint form that is available at the municipal office or click here for online form.

List of current Bylaws

The consolidated by-law documents you can access from our site are for information only.
The official version of all by-laws can be obtained from the Municipal Office.
Readers are cautioned that the By-laws reference on this web page represent office consolidations of the original by-law and following amendments, which are by-laws in themselves.

If you wish to keep your request confidential you should submit the form in person at the municipal office.