Community Grants

Community Grant Information

The Municipality of West Elgin has developed a policy and application form in order to provide grants to non-profit organizations and groups who operate within, and/or provide services to, the Municipality of West Elgin for any purpose Council considers of interest to the municipality. These services include, but are not limited to areas of recreation, arts and culture, environmental and other activities that support purposes beneficial to the community.  The Municipality recognizes the need to assist non-profit organizations in taking on new initiatives and assisting organizations in carrying out their responsibilities.  The Municipality will not support on an ongoing basis, any organization that does not have sufficient amount of support, financial or otherwise, from the community as it is key that organizations become sustainable as soon as possible after they begin operations and should remain sustainable with an adequate level of funding for their operations from the community.  More information on Community Grants can be found below in the Community Grant Policy. 

Community Grant Policy

Categories for Funding

  1. Supporting Youth/Senior Events
  2. Community Beautification
  3. Arts, Culture and Heritage projects and/or events
  4. Tourism Development
  5. Community Special Events
  6. Other - one time grant requests

How to Apply

  1. Download the Community Grant Application Form.
  2. Submit the completed form and supporting documents by December 31, by dropping it of at the Municipal office or emailing to the Treasurer at
  3. Municipal staff will acknowledge reciept of your application form and notify the group when Council will be considering their grant request.