By-Law Enforcement

You can contact our By-Law Enforcement Officer, Bill Tedford by email at

Burn By-Law

Need to know what to burn, where you can burn, and who to contact regarding Burn By-Law infractions? Click here to Download our Brochure to better understand the Burn By-Law.

Stray Dogs

For complaints about dogs running at large or a dangerous or potentially dangerous dog contact the Glencoe Animal Shelter at 1-800-830-9367.

Property Standards or Clearing & Cleaning of Land By-Laws

For complaints about Property Standards or Clearing & Cleaning of Land by-laws you are required to complete a complaint form that is available at the municipal office or click here for online form. If you wish to keep your request confidential you should submit the form in person at the municipal office.

List of current By-Laws

The consolidated By-Law documents you can access from our site are for information only.
The official version of all By-Laws can be obtained from the Municipal Office.
Readers are cautioned that the By-laws reference on this web page represent office consolidations of the original By-Law and following amendments, which are By-Laws in themselves.