Building Permits

Requirements for a Building Permit

Fully complete "Application for permit to build or demolish".  Application forms may be obtained at the Municipality of West Elgin Office or click below to print a copy.

Guide to completing a Building Permit Application     Fillable Building Permit Application    

Guide to Installation of Private Sewage Disposal Systems & Single Lot Development


The following items are needed on the application:

  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers of the owner, authorized agent, and the builder, demolition contractor, or wrecker.
  • Legal description of property
  •  Identify and describe work/occupancy to be covered
  • Signature of owner/authorized agent and date of application
  • Value of construction
    * The fee for a building permit is based on the square footage and/or value.
    * Plans, specifications, information must have:
  •  Detail sufficient to enable the Chief Building Official/Inspector to determine compliance or non-compliance with the   Building Code Act, the Regulations, and any other Township by-laws.
  •  Plans drawn to scale, clearly legible and accurate, specifying the full nature and extent of the proposed use and occupancy.
  •  Site plan, showing location of building from property lines.
  • Will an occupancy permit be needed? All new businesses & residences require an occupancy permit.
  • A septic system permit is required for any new residential building before the Building permit will be issued.
  • Grading plan where required

It is your responsibility to call the Building Inspector for the required inspections as noted on the building permit

Contact Information

Jerry Weerdenburg, Chief Building Official
Office Hours: Municipality of West Elgin
Tuesday and Friday 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

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